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Kelvin                                                                                     Standard

Adjustable Bar Clamp for flat surface



TEQAL unique design available in 10A or 200A version

Adjustable Bar Clamp for flat surface or transformer bushing with 12UNC threads


TEQAL unique design available in 10A or 200A version

Kelvin                                                                                     Standard



TEQAL unique design

Ultra Rugged Kelvin alligator clamp for transmission cables from 250mcm to 4000mcm

Available in 10A or 200A version

TE-KS10-xx (10A)

TE-KS200-xx (200A)


TEQAL ultra rugged unique design for any surfarce

Jaw openning up to 2.75''

Also available on special order from TEQAL

TE-MK200-xx KELVIN Test Leads

TEQAL unique design for large surface that are sensibles to damage from scratches

TEQAL design and manufacture, with the input of its customers, a line of ultra rugged test cables.


Each set of test cables, kelvin or non kelvin, use components that are chosen to endure any possibles conditions as seen in switchyards and generating stations.


All the metal we use is Stainless Steel 316 (it will never rust) that is hardenned to bring it to a high degree of mechanical endurance.


All our cables remain flexible down to -40C/F and are resistant to abrasion and chemicals.


We will manufacture your test cables as per your requirements.


Please specify the model of your instrument, type of test required, maximum current/voltage, cable length, type of clamp (on the specimen) and the type of terminal at the instrument.


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